Make any image interactive and attract and engage more users!

Quickly add interactive hotspots to any image, so when the spot is touched it will show videos, maps, forms or even speak text using Amazon's natural voice service. Create amazing content that will attract, engage or convert to sales .

Try this frightening example

Just import an image from your favourite application and use our simple tools to layer interactive hotspots on it. Then share and play your gory creation anywhere.

Simple and sweet to create!

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  • 1. Create an image

    Create an image in any app that can export a JPG or PNG file. In this example we've created an image using Apple Keynote and exported as a JPG file.

  • 2. Import your image

    In SPOTTE create a new screen, then import your image as a JPG or PNG file. After importing you can control the size and compression of your image.

  • 3. Add hotspots to your image

    Click the + on the hotspots list. A numbered orange rectangle will appear on your image. You can rotate or resize this rectangle.

  • 4. Set the type of hotspot

    Each numbered hotspot on your image relates to a number in the hotspots list. Set what type of hotspot it should be. In this example a video.

  • 5. Share your SPOTTE

    After you've imported your image and added hotspots to it, share it anywhere including the most popular social media apps or include them in digital marketing campaigns.