The most important and proven features in the SEO world


subscription trap

Many heard about this SEO and Web Analytics provider. Some feel suspicious, because there is a myriad of rumors around. Some users even advise to avoid dealing with that “shady” business at all costs. Other users often label it with even more alarming descriptions just as “good-for-nothing”, “mistrustful” one, or another would-be recommendation like “subscription trap”. A huge range of common reasons varies from scamming (like using close-to-zero trial worth $0.99/month to engage unfortunate customers, while withdrawing hundreds of dollars instead). Some consider the company clear as mud for using…

The most important and proven features in the SEO world

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semalt expert eoo

First things first, it’s a complicated topic for me, as I have rarely encountered referrer spam in my GA, especially anything Semalt-related. However, if words on the Internet to be believed, every referrer spam is Semalt! So, what is Semalt Expert? If you ask Google, you get this: …let’s agree, that we all should have seen it coming. It’s the first page of search results after all. However, if you dig a bit deeper, you get this: …someone got carried away with their  Black-hat SEO. Also: Seriously, Hasbro? Why? Why?!…

The most important and proven features in the SEO world

What does not kill our site, makes it stronger?

site stronger

I would like to start my article with words “look before you leap.” My experience and experience of my friends sustain this theory. Each person should be an expert in his/her field. A true professional is an individual who devotes a lot of time and efforts to improve his skills in a certain trade. A person who engages in the different activities at the same time, will not succeed in any of them. I advise you do not stick your nose into those spheres where you are an ignoramus. If…

The most important and proven features in the SEO world


seo top 10

Nowadays the Internet serves as a “battlefield” for websites. The first SERP page is a gravy train for company owners. Some niche sites struggle desperately for the first places in Google SERP. The closer your site is to the Google TOP, the more likely will your business be profitable. This theorem has been proven many times. The biggest amount of the clients comes from the Internet and to miss this chance would be unreasonable. That is why businesspeople invest significant sums of money in their websites creation and promotion. Ranking…

The most important and proven features in the SEO world


electronic payment systems

In the era of high-tech solutions, electronic payment systems begin to compete with traditional cash payments. A growing number of Internet users decides to use online accounts for keeping their money. Electronic currency is becoming universal. By using electronic money, users can pay for products and services via the Internet, pay bills for housing utilities, perform money transmissions or play in online chargeable games. Upon the whole, electronic money can be spent and raised as paper money, only in a simpler way. However, the rate of cash payments in the…