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Proving again that it has shifted its focus to the mobile user, Microsoft announced Thursday that it would offer its offline managed client SDK to the general user base. With the service, users can sync their apps and continue to modify files while they are in unconnected areas. Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for Dec. 11, including a slew of new MSN apps for iOS, Apple's new flexible tactile display, the expected growth in the Asia-Pacific mobile market, a new partnership with Storm8 and Hasbro and a new productivity app called Workflow. Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for Tuesday, Dec. 9,

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Drive mobile app engagement without being pushy.

Create interactive in-app messages in just minutes using our editing tool. Make marketing campaigns with videos, offers, competitions and surveys or deliver great customer service with personalized announcements, account notifications and feedback. An in-app inbox means you don’t need to rely on push notifications to do the talking unless you want to.

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Get the right message to the right app user.

Boost app engagement by focusing your marketing efforts on the right people at the right time. With Converser, you can use information from customer profiles to target users with valuable content they care about instead of sending one size fits all messages. App Ideation and Consulting - We support creative ideas and clients who think out of the box by studying and sharing the technical feasibility of their ideas.