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Being so ingrained in the “now” can make us lose sight of how the lives that come after us will be affected. Think about your decisions of the past, and those you will make as you move forward. What are you doing to give those that follow you a leg up?

Operation: Lives@StakeTM

From humble beginnings to leading a life of significance…I feel that I will always be writing my story as there is never too much impact to be made…

Giving without expectation.

My purpose

Like most I pursued higher education receiving a degree in IT, and a MBA shortly after. In what seemed like no time at all I realized my life wasn’t on the fast track to fulfill my definition of success. I had come to realize if we want to live a life different from both our peers and parents, we have to be willing to do what they weren’t and aren’t willing to do! I am cognizant of the fact, I could not be on the path I am today without the guidance of my coaches/mentors. Because of the impact they have had in my life, I live with the intent to “Pay It Forward”, and potentially open doors for others that are serious about not only chasing their dreams, but grabbing them as well.

“Everyone is born an original, but 99% will die a copy”
“Anything is impossible, until we do it once”
“Your goals don’t care how you feel”

It’s time to take a different view on life

Thesis: Take a different view on life, and do not always accept what society presents you…Man/Woman knows more than he/she understands.

The thesis, something you will see reoccur as a header throughout the book, was the main inspiration behind this writing. What we hope to accomplish is nothing more than provoking you to think.

Think! It’s Not Illegal Yet…TM

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