Compact design

The card is light (20g / 0.7oz) as a pen and small (86 x 54 x 5.3mm / 3.3 x 2 x 0.17 in) as a credit card. It easily fits into a wallet, the smallest parcel and any briefcase or pocket.

Global coverage

The card works virtually everywhere in the world without any additional roaming charges. The list of countries covered by the service is updated from time to time and can be found at our Global Coverage List.

Geofence alert

Geofences are invisible boundaries that can be set up in Wherr, alerting you when the device (and the carrier) enter and/or leave designated area.

Low cost of ownership

Wherr GSM tracking card's price includes a one-year service fee, which allows to use it worldwide without any additional charges.

Easy to control

With simple and comprehensible interface it is easy to set up and monitor your Wherr card and control your account. Wherr Web interface can be accessed from Chrome and Safari browsers (other browsers' support is coming soon). Smartphone applications are available for iOS and Android devices.

Multiple notifications

Tracking device alerts can be sent to various destinations. Alerts from the device can be received via e-mail, push notifications, calls and SMS.

How does it work?

Wherr is a unique tracking technology, designed to attend to your daily activities, so that you never need to worry about losing anything or anyone. Innovative and easy to use, it offers an unlimited application range: luggage, parcel and assets tracking and many other everyday, industrial and business applications.

The key to the solution is the GSM tracking card. It uses GSM network to locate cellular towers, transferring their data to the database, which, in turn, delivers their location, that is then used to track and monitor your valuables. Card's location is updated every 6 hours and can be immediately accessed via web or smartphone application.

The application range is virtually limitless: luggage and parcel tracking, assets safeguarding, and many other everyday, industrial and business applications.

WHERR works all over the world allowing to seamlessly track your assets through international borders without any roaming charges, making our solution friendly for any budget. Affordable nature makes the device disposable and reusable at the same time. All you need to do is top up the balance via Wherr Web Application – and you are back on track.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the GSM Tracking Card work in my country?

At the moment the solution uses cellular towers to locate. This means, that the GSM tracking card works everywhere where cellular service exists. To check if your country is within our coverage range please visit our Global Coverage List. If you did not find the country on the list, please let us know – we will try to make our service available to you as soon as possible.

Can I reuse the tracker?

When the subscription period expires you can top up the balance anytime, and use the same device over and over again. At the same time, the low price of the solution makes it easily disposable, which means that once you send out your parcel, you can choose not to claim the device to be returned.

Can I track multiple devices with one account?

Yes. You can track multiple devices with just one user account. An unlimited number of devices can be added to the system and located on the map. You can share your device(s) with other users who have active accounts. At the same time, several users can track shared devices simultaneously, while still having individual accounts and being able to add their individual devices.

Can I track the card on demand (only when I need it)?

At the moment this option is not available but two new models with more features and options are now under testing and development.

How accurate is the location displayed on the map?

The accuracy of the position largely depends on the GSM base stations (BSs) located around (the more stations there are in range, the more accurate the data is). In downtown (where density of the stations is usually high) the position can be provided with higher precision – 200~1000m (within a city block). In suburban or rural areas the BSs are usually spread at a distance from each other and accuracy of the positioning is 1000~5000m. The accuracy of the solution is enough to ensure you whether your luggage arrived to the destination, your parcel is on the right way or that your kid is at school.

I sent a parcel with the Wherr tracking card inside. Can the consignee use the card?

If you shared the card with the consignee through the Wherr application, he or she can use both the card and the service.

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The story behind Wherr

A pair of friends – a programmer and a hardware engineer, first discussed the idea for Wherr in 2012. The goal was to create a user friendly system for global monitoring of assets, that will be affordable for anyone and will work worldwide.

In 2013 Polaris Telematics Ltd was founded, with company headquarters and management set in Hong Kong and manufacturing facilities across the border in Shenzhen, PR China. The following year IPTP Networks acquired a major stake in the company.

What do people think?

Tracking can be time-consuming, but Wherr is brilliant in its simplicity. I took me no time to study the functionality of the platform. So far, the easiest tracking system I've ever used.

Tadej Tim Ljubljana, Slovenia

For my line of work communication with remote clients is top priority. Now I check my tablet – and know for sure that the item is delivered.

Cliff Hardy Burnley, UK

Great value for price – you pay for accuracy and that's exactly what you get. Plus, I was pleasantly surprised with the speed of shipping. Thank you!

Lowie Michaël Aarhus, Denmark

My employees are delighted how easy it is to track the product.

Michael Dariusz Lublin, Poland

It's small, light and well-made. It simply works.

Kálmán István Kecskemét, Hungary

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